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New lancer sensation ice machine

Lancer Corporation

Lancer’s Engineers first introduced their industry-leading beverage dispensing equipment over 40 years ago and since then Lancer has been a market leader. From their top rated Ice Beverage Dispensers (IBD) to their patented LEV valves, Lancer is recognized worldwide as a leader in high quality beverage dispensing solutions. Hoshizaki Electric Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment, purchased Lancer in 2006. This purchase has fueled Lancer’s growth and has expanded their role as a global leader in the beverage industry. Lancer is a leading manufacturer and marketer of beverage dispensing systems serving customers throughout the world. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Lancer maintains sales and/or manufacturing facilities in United States, Mexico, Australia, Belgium, and New Zealand. Lancer is a subsidiary of Hoshizaki Electric Co. Ltd., one of the world's largest suppliers of commercial kitchen equipments.

Today, Lancer is a vertically integrated manufacturer, employing approximately 1,500 associates in the United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, the Far East, and Europe. Lancer manufactures a complete range of mechanically cooled and ice cooled soft drink dispensers, frozen beverage dispensers, dispensing valves, carbonators, beer dispensing equipment and an extensive line of beverage dispensing parts and accessories.

Mark Powers carries a broad selection of Lancer equipment as well as a full line of Lancer service equipment and parts.

Click here for a complete line of Lancer soda fountain equipment and product specifications.

Lancer Flavor Select (FS) Models

Self serve Flavor Select machines feature Lite Touch buttons that draw customers attention while delivering up to 32 brands and 24 flavors, for over 200 customized taste combinations. If you are looking to offer maximum flavor selection in minimum counter space then Lancer's FS soda fountains need to be considered. Lancer's FS multi-flavor dispense heads allows this fountain equipment to take up far less counter space per flavor than a traditional style soda dispenser.
Lancer Flavor Select Soda Fountain Flavor Select Delivers:

Cold carbonation for consistently better drink quality

8 Brands for over 50 Flavor Possibilities

Add up to 6 bonus flavors to create an exceptional drink experience

"Lite Touch" brand light show draws attention to your more profitable fountain section!

Several space-saving configurations available - 22" footprint shown to left

"Air Mix" nozzles blend syrup and water in midair for consistent drink delivery

Illuminated easily interchangeable merchandiser

Large capacity removable drip tray and cup rest

Self contained with multiple ice fill options

Cubelet ice capable dispense is available (specifications on request) 

Lancer IBD - a icy cold, drink producing, profit-dispensing machine

Always cold, always fast, Lancer's Ice beverage Dispensers (IBD) deliver more drinks and more savings with efficient operation and eye catching appeal. Adaptable design with a variety of valve configurations as well as portion control delivers a total system that satisfies your customer's tastes while helping you control your bottom line. IBD soda fountains are manufactured with traditional style dispense valves.
Lancer Ice Beverage Dispenser IBD Soda Fountain Ice Beverage Dispensers Deliver:

Industry standard platforms in 22" to 44" widths - 22", six valves, lever dispensing unit shown to left

Illuminated interchangeable front graphics, standard fluorescent 15 watt light bulb

Visual low-ice indicator lights up to alert the need for ice in the dispenser bin

High-capacity ice storage bin for extended dispense during busy day parts

High-capacity drip tray to handle customer ice and beverage over-fill helps avoid safety hazards and drink station clean-up from spills

Unique hex-drive ice agitation and dispense drive system for trouble-free operation and long service life

Multiple valve configurations available for self-serve and portion control operation to control beverage costs

Heavy duty stainless steel construction, exterior and interior

Fully insulated storage bin and drip tray controls condensation and helps avoid moisture related safety hazards

Plumbing access front and rear for installation flexibility

Hard plumbed syrup and water lines  

Lancer Counter Electric (CED) - proof that good drinks do come in small packages

Think you don't have room for a soda fountain? The Counter Electric is designed specifically for small counter spaces. Lancer's Counter Electric includes a complete self contained refrigeration unit & ice bath and requires no additional ice to dispense ice cold sodas. Because of its relatively compact size, a Counter Electric fountain is as much at home in a family game room as it is in any convenience store or restaraunt. CED soda fountains are worth looking at if you want to free counter space. At only 10-3/8" wide you can replace a traditional style soda fountain with one of these and make room for a small coffee service. 
Lancer Counter Electric CED Soda Fountain Counter Electrics Deliver:

Stainless steel cabinet, water bath, product lines and drip tray assembly

Occupies a small area of counter space compared to a conventional dispenser, - the 4 valve unit to the left is only 10 3/8'' wide.

All dispensing valves can be serviced independently

Insulation is CFC-free structural foam

Removable refrigeration deck for easy service.

All installation from front of unit

Leg kit included

CFC-free, R134A Refrigerant 1/4 hp, 17 lb ice bank, flooded manifold  

Lancer Ice-Cooled Drop-In Dispensers (ICD) - keeps the drinks coming and profits pouring in

Lancer's ICD series is designed to accomodate maximim drink output with durable construction, attractive bold displays, outstanding access for servicing & cleaning and flexible configuration. A optional top merchandiser and back-lit marquee are available to capture your customers' attention and drive increased sales.
Lancer Ice Cooled Drop In ICD Soda Fountain Ice-Cooled Drop-In Dispensers Deliver:

Available with five or six valves

Stainless steel construction with sealed-in cold plate 3/4'' drain with strainer to prevent ice blockage

Stainless steel flooded soda manifold and multiple plain water configuration

Ice bin insulated with CFC free structural foam

Tower designed with removable splash plate and drip tray for easy cleaning

Optional top merchandiser and back marquee feature lighted graphics for maximum impact

Splash guards optional   

Lancer Ice Dispensers (ICD) - space efficient with high capacity

Illuminated and interchangeable display graphics puts the focus on these easy to use, versitile dispensers. 
Lancer Ice Dispenser Lancer's Ice Dispensers Deliver:

Illuminated interchangeable front graphics, standard fluorescent 15 watt light bulb

Push and lever ice dispensing versatility

Visual low-ice indicator lights up to alert the need for ice in the dispenser bin

High-capacity drip tray to handle customer ice over-fill helps avoid safety hazards and station clean-up from spills

Water valve option available

Unique Hex-Drive ice agitation and dispense drive system for trouble-free operation and long service life

Heavy duty stainless steel construction, exterior and interior

Fully Insulated storage bin and drip tray controls condensation and helps avoid moisture related safety hazards   

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Mark Powers & Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 72 • 1821 Henry Street • Guntersville, AL 35976
Phone: (800) 633-2256 Fax: (800) 216-6606

E-Mail: orders@markpowers-and-company.com

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