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Mark Powers & Company stocks thousands of the following items. We offer competitive pricing for quality products. Our personal service, wide selection and fast delivery times will ensure that your business has what it needs, when you need it.

Please contact us - we'll be happy to help.

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Cold Plates

Mark Powers Cold Plates:
Are made of pure Aluminum to Assure Maximum Heat Transfer
Have tubing made from 304 Stainless Steel
Have a tilted and Polished Top Surface to Assure Maximum Cooling Performance
Have interconnect Fittings Made From Approved Beverage Grade 303 Stainless Steel
Are sized for Pre-Mix and Post-Mix beverage systems



8x12 -1

Cold Plate, 8" X 12", 1 Circuit

8x12 -2

Cold Plate, 8" X 12", 2 Circuit

8x12 -6

Cold Plate, 8" X 12", 6 Circuit

8x14 5

Cold Plate, 8" X 14", 5 Circuit

8x14 6

Cold Plate, 8" X 14", 6 Circuit

8x14 7

Cold Plate, 8" X 14", 7 Circuit

10x15 6 POST

Cold Plate, 10" X 15", 6 Circuit

Additional sizes available upon request.
All cold plates come with fittings  - please specify 1/4" flare or 1/2" flare.
Please specify Pre-Mix or Post-Mix application.


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Mark Powers & Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 72 1821 Henry Street Guntersville, AL 35976
Phone: (800) 633-2256 Fax: (800) 216-6606

E-Mail: orders@markpowers-and-company.com

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