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Wunderbar Bargun Several customers use our bargun remanufacturing service to refresh barguns that have been pulled out of service. Then they re-install the remanufactured barguns in new locations at a fraction of new cost. They are able to do this because all of the barguns we remanufacture ship complete with inlet fittings, a new hanger and new cup. In other words, all of the barguns we remanufacture ship "install ready" just like a new bargun.

The advantage of this type service is you know that all lines have been flushed and sanitized, and all O-rings & seals have been replaced. The alternative - re-installing a used bargun in another location means dealing with a sticky syrupy mess leaking from the lines and not knowing what might be growing in the lines feeding your used bargun. Plus you may be installing a "problem child" that the previous user did not bother telling you about.

Some customers have discovered that this service works great for maintaining their installed base. They know that swapping out a defective bargun for a refurbished bargun means less time on site & less down time and this translates into happier customers. The last thing a bartender wants is a technician shutting off his entire soda system for an hour to fiddle with one of his barguns, especially during happy hour.

Bargun remanufacturing starts with a thorough cleaning of the outside including the stainless steel sheath.

Then we carefully disassemble the bargun & inspect for damage such as a cracked button plate.

Barguns are re-assembled using All new O-rings and seals. Then new button covers are installed as needed and the barguns are pressure tested, sanitized and repackaged in new boxes with new brackets & bargun cups.

Your bargun ships back to you professionally labeled and ready to install.

 If you are replacing a bargun in service, it's easy to just throw the failed unit in the box the replacement was pulled from and ship it off to us to be remanufactured. But most customers keep a small buffer on the shelf and they accumulate a few barguns before shipping them to us to save freight.

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