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Remanufactured Carbonator Pumps

Remanufactured Carbonator PumpUnit to the left is a Remanufactured McCann's Carbonator Pump

Carbonator pumps are the heart of your soda system. Actually, "carbonator pump" is somewhat of a mis-name. Carbonator pumps are really CO2 carbonation systems that include a electric motor, pump, check valves, mixing / holding tank and level senser. These are complex little systems that work by alternately filling the tank with CO2 as the carbonated water is consumed, then pumping more water into the tank at high pressure until there is no room for CO2 that's in the tank, forcing the CO2 into the water. These pumps accomplish this task year after year with little or no maintenance.

We remanufacture our carbonator pumps to the same standards the OEM manufactures use guaranteeing you will receive the same trouble free service from one of our remanufactured unit that you would receive from a new carbonator pump at a fraction of the cost of new.

All of our remanufactured carbonator pumps go through the same 5 step process.


Pressure test the tank to OEM specifications. Any carbonator pumps with leaky tanks are pulled out at this point and good parts are recycled into other rebuildable pumps.


Disassemble & rebuild check valves with new O-rings and seals.

Motor Test

Perform a current draw and torque test on the motor. Motors that pass have the lubrication wicks re-oiled, then they are cleaned, painted and re-labeled. Any failed motors are replaced with motors that meet or exceed original OEM standards. 

Pump Test

Perform flow, pressure and leak tests on the pump. Any that fail are replaced with new or factory remanufactured pumps.

Float Switch Test

The float switch is tested to verify it cycles the pump motor on and off at the correct water levels.

Cosmetic Clean-up

The base is painted and all stainless steel surfaces are polished to like new appearance.

Final Inspection and Test

All remanufactured carbonation pumps pass through functional test and are inspected to make sure no leaks have appeared in the system and that the pump performs as expected.

Pack and Ship

All of our remanufactured carbonator pumps are individually packed in their own heavy duty ship safe cartons. Single pumps usually ship UPS Ground because of their weight. Quantity orders are palletized and shipped LTL Truck to save you freight cost.

Carbonator Pump Before Remanufacturing
A typical Carbonator pump before refurb
Carbonator pump after remanufacturing
The exact same Carbonator pump after refurb
Pallet of Carbonator Pumps
Single pumps usually arrive by UPS ground. But carbonator pumps from our larger customers arrive palletized like the picture above. Many look great like the one at the lower left corner of the picture but all have failed in the field. This entire pallet will be cleaned, tested, repaired, individually boxed and shipped back to our customer in like new condition.

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