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SERVEND MD-150 Soda FountainRemanufactured Soda Fountains

The photo to the left is of a remanufactured SERVEND MD-150 soda fountain that has passed final functional test, final QC and is ready for pack. This unit will provide years of trouble free service for our customer at a fraction of new price and his customers will never know the difference! We also remanufacture Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other branded soda fountain equipment as well as juice machines.

Having your soda fountain equipment remanufactured by a quality shop or purchasing a piece of remanufactured equipment is a lower cost alternative to purchasing new equipment and an excellent option to purchasing used equipment of unknown quality or origin.

We do more than just clean and test your equipment. We will tear your equipment down to its major sub-assemblies then we test each sub-assembly. We use factory and/or factory approved parts to bring everything back to like new factory specifications. All flexible hoses, tubing and O-rings are replaced regardless of appearance or condition. In addition, we work with all major manufacturers and we are aware of & apply all factory mandated safety and performance updates to your equipment.

After disassembly and test / rebuild, we will re-assemble your equipment, replacing any additional parts as needed. We also do a 100% pressurized system test and sanitize & cap all lines, pumps, valves, etc.

And finally, we will pass your equipment through a thorough 10 point inspection process, insuring nothing was missed during the remanufacturing process. We understand that your soda fountain is a image builder or image breaker for your business and we refinish your fountain equipment to the point where you can’t tell your remanufactured equipment from a factory new unit.

100’s of pieces of fountain equipment pass through our refurb centers every month. We understand the needs of today’s market challenges and would like to help with the cost savings opportunities of your fountain equipment. We have more than 20 years experience in the remanufacturing business.

Mark Powers & Co., Inc. can remanufacture all major makes and models of beverage equipment and valves. In addition we try to keep some refurbished equipment on the shelf ready to ship today and we have "refurb ready" equipment in storage that we can refurbish and sell to you for a fraction of new equipment prices. All remanufactured equipment is covered by a 90-day warranty.

All remanufactured fountain equipment passes through up to 17 individual process steps.


Your equipment is pulled off the truck, is surveyed for any obvious damage or missing major assemblies. In addition, we attach a traveler to your unit that identifies who owns the unit, the model number, serial number and receipt date. This traveler stays with your soda fountain throughout the entire remanufacturing process to ensure that your unit stays yours.

Counter top units waiting refurb
Counter top electric
units waiting to be staged
Various units waiting refurb
Additional units waiting to be staged
More units waiting refurb
Another picture of units waiting to be staged


All soda fountains are staged from our warehouse into our refurb center. Generally, we stage first in first out but specific customer requests may change the staging order. For example, several customers ship in 6 or more units at a time on shrink wrapped pallets to help save freight. Then they request refurbed units from us as they need them. In this case, we don't start on specific units until they request them and their soda fountains are staged into the refurb center over time.

Counter top electric soda dispenser waiting refurb
Counter top electric dispenser staged
and ready to be remanufactured
Drop-in soda dispensers staged for refurb
Drop-in units with ice bins staged
and ready to be remanufactured


This is where the real work begins. Most soda fountain equipment is somewhat modular and we break your unit into it's major pieces. Each module takes its own path through our process before being joined back together for final assembly, full 100% functional test and final Quality Inspection.

Refrigeration deck waiting cleaning and disassembly
Refrigeration deck waiting cleaning and disassembly


We do a thorough job cleaning of all the sub-assemblies, inside and out. You would be surprised at how much dirt and grime builds up on the inside of a soda fountain, where you and your customers never see it. We can always tell when a fountain came out of a restaraunt with a deep fryer because of the heavy grease build-up inside the unit, where you never see the damage being done.

Cleaning station
One of our cleaning stations


 Corrosion, oxidation and scale build up on coils over time reduce the efficiency of your fountain equipment. We hot dip all coils to remove any corrosion, oxidation & built up scale and to return them to like new condition. In addition, hot dipping can expose some latent failures that we would not catch later in test without our hot dipping process. This is a extremely important step that not all refurb centers practice.

Ice bath before disassembly and hot tank process
Ice bath unit before disassembly and hot dip process.
The coil discoloration does not look like much but the oxidation has a huge impact on efficiency and performance.
Ice bath coil being reassembled
The same ice bath unit after our hot dip process

The technician has already removed all of the flex lines & fittings and is in the process of replacing them with new parts prior to reassembly.


 Major assembles are tested to uncover faults and failures. This includes refrigeration decks, ice banks, electrical systems, etc. Major sub-assemblies are routed to the correct station for diagnostics and repair. For example, a poor or non-functional refrigeration deck will be routed to our refrigeration work station where a trained technician will troubleshoot the system and repair and/or replace whatever is required to bring the refrigeration deck back up to factory specifications.


Repair Station
Repair Station
The technician is reassembling a drop in-unit. Notice that a lot of the stainless steel panels and parts are sitting on the workbench waiting reassembly.

Refrigeration decks waiting test and repair
Refrigeration decks that failed test and are waiting compressor replacement
All of our refrigeration service is performed at work stations operated by certified technicians and each station is outfitted with the proper refrigerant recovery system, vacuum pump and charging station.


There are many feet of flexible tubing in one soda fountain and we replace every foot. This is just good practice since we don't know how long your fountain has been out of service, what has been through the lines or what condition the lines are in. Even great looking flex lines can be hard, brittle & cracked and about to fail. We apply the same approach to all O-rings and seals in your fountain. Others may not do this but why risk a quality rebuild on a 10 cent part?


Any brushed stainless steel finishes that appear old, tired or worn are regrained in our shop. Sorry, we can't show pictures of our regraining process.


As needed, painted surfaces are stripped, prepped, primed and re-painted in our EPA certified paint booth. The paint booth is envronmentally controlled to ensure a high quality and durable paint finish.

Media Blaster
Media Blaster
Used to prep surfaces prior to paint.
Paint Booth
Professional walk-in paint booth
All painting is done in our EPA certified paint booth complete with its own certified fire suppression system.


If your soda dispenser is a drop in or ice/beverage unit with a ice bin we test, sanitize and reseal the cold plate.


Regardless of apparent outside condition all dispense valves are disassembled and inspected then they are 100% rebuilt with all new O-rings and seals and flow tested. Dispense valves that can-not be rebuilt are replaced with new or factory rebuilt valves. This is another critical step in our process and some competitors only flow test and clean the outside of the dispense valves.


All soda fountains go through final functional test, a full electrical and pressurized test of your soda fountain. Right after function test, all internal liquid lines are sanitized and capped.

Functional Test Station
Functional Test Station
Each functional test station has a full compliment of power, compressed air and liquid to perform a full functional test on any unit we remanufacture.
Soda Fountain under test
Soda fountain under test

A full functional test is performed on all systems with test water under pressure. After the unit passes functional test, the technician pumps sanitizer through all liquid lines and caps the lines in preperation for final QC, packing and shipping back to you.
Cold carb counter top ready for test
A cold carb counter top unit ready to have the refrigeration deck installed then tested
Soda dispensers with a ice bank like this one require a unique testing routine. We must fill the unit with water, let the ice bank build and then verify that the ice is maintained at the right thickness during operation.


This is the step where all of the remanufactured parts of your soda fountain finally come back together. Major subassemblies are mated back together using new fasteners if needed.

Counter top 6 valve unit waiting final assembly
Model 2323 - 8 valve unit waiting final assembly


If your soda fountain has graphics decals, we apply new decals at this step to insure that none are damaged during the remanufacturing process. Please check with us for less common decals, particularly decals that identify a specific business or chain to make sure we can source these. We can also relabel fountain equipment providing the decals are available.


All units pass through final QC on the way to packing. We verify that all of the finishes and decals meet our quality standards and we review the final functional test results. Soda fountains that pass this final step are ready to ship back to you.

SERVEND MD-200 Ready for Final QC
SERVEND Model MD-175 Ready for final QC
All units go through a final cosmetic quality check before being staged for packing.


Units rest here waiting shipping instructions from our customers. At any given time there may be as few as one or two or as many as dozens waiting to be packed and shipped to our customers.

Units waiting packing
Completed units waiting packing
These dispensers have gone all the way through our process, through final functional test & QC and are waiting packing before shipping to several customers.
More units waiting packing
More completed units waiting packing
These have also completed our remanufacturing processand are waiting to be packed before shipping.


Most of our remanufactured soda dispensers are boxed and palletized for LTL freight or in the case of our regional customers, direct delivery. And since we can not control how the freight carriers handle your equipment we take special care to package so that your remanufactured soda dispenser arrives at your dock in the same condition it was in when it left our refurb center. Units are packed with the appropriate drain hose and accessories including legs and support brackets based on model.

Packing Material
Packing Material
Pretty much everything someone would need to pack and ship heavy items. Notice the white material in the center? These are foam backed panels used to protect your remanufactured soda dispenser in shipment.
Final Pack, Waiting Shipping
Final Pack, Waiting Shipping
Completed units, packed and ready to ship. Notice that each one is boxed up and banded to its own pallet.
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