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Remanufactured CO2 Regulators

Remanufactured CO2 RegulatorRemanufactured CO2 Regulators

 CO2 regulators are probably the most forgotten components in your soda or draft beer systems. That's because unless you are having CO2 related problems, you set it and forget it then your regulator works for years. Then one day you come into the store and you have no CO2 - and you know you should have CO2 because you just bought a 20 pound bottle 2 weeks ago. And even worse, it's Saturday morning and you can't get a replacement in until sometime Monday or Tuesday!

We've seen this scenario over and over again. The cause is usually a defective regulating element inside the CO2 regulator. The diaphragm will fail or the small valve inside will fail causing you to loose all of your CO2.

Most people just buy a new replacement and toss the old one but there is a better alternative. Instead of throwing away the regulator that just failed, why not have it remanufactured for a fraction of new cost? Then you have a ready replacement on the shelf for the next time you loose a CO2 regulator.

 Most larger beverage equipment service companies understand the benefits of remanufactured equipment and of having ready service stock on the shelf. This is why we have remanufactured thousands of CO2 regulators for several prominent customers in the South East US. And all of our regulators go through the same reman process. We disassemble each regulator, clean the inside as well as the outside, reassemble with a new regulating element and new gauges (when necessary). Then we perform a full pressure and leak down test to ensure your CO2 regulator has been brought back to the original factory specs.

In recent years, a few competing companies have popped up claiming the same level of service. We have purchased and disassembled a few of their regulators and can tell that at least in the samples we looked at, the regulating element had not been replaced. The regulating element is a critical failure point of all CO2 regulators!

All of our remanufactured CO2 regulators go through the same 5 step process.


Check the regulator for missing major components such as bonnet assembly and outlet fitting. Regulator bodies are inspected for obvious cracks and damage that would prevent rebuilding. Any non-rebuildable regulators are pulled out at this point.


Disassemble & rebuild the regulating element with 100% new internal parts, replace all seals, clean regulator housing inside and out, test gauges for accuracy, replace gauges with correct range as needed.


Pressure test the entire unit to the manufacturer's original specifications. Tests include a full pressure run as well as a leakdown test.

Final Inspection

All remanufactured regulators are inspected to make sure no damaged gauges filtered through the system and to make sure the correct replacement gauges were used.

Note: Most remanufactured CO2 regulators ship with some cosmetic issues such as chipped or scratched paint on the bonnet (front cover) or some surface rust on the adjustment screw. But these cosmetic issues have no effect on the performance of your refurbished regulator.

Pack and Ship

All of our remanufactured regulators are packed in ship safe packaging designed to insure your regulator reaches your dock in the same condition it was in when it left our facility.

4 CO2 Regulators Before Remanufactured
A small sample of CO2 regulators before our remanufacturing process
CO2 Regulator before refurb
A typical CO2 Regulator before refurb
Same CO2 regulator after refurn
The exact same CO2 Regulator after refurb
2 Secondary CO2 Regulators
2 Remanufactured Secondary CO2 Regulators
2 Remanufactured Secondary Regulators
Rear view of the same 2 Secondary Regs
Regulator Gauge Guard
Many CO2 regulators sent to us for repair have nothing wrong other than the high pressure gauge was damaged when the CO2 tank the regulator was attached to tipped over or was banged into something during handling. We can help protect your investment by adding gauge guards to your regulators after rebuild and test for a small additional charge.

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