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Regardless if your soda fountain has push button type or lever type dispense valves, the soda valves in your fountan are the heart of the system. And these are far more than just valves. Your soda valves are high tech machines designed to very precisely mix the exact same ratio of syrup and soda water day after day, glass after glass.

We remanufacture our soda valves to the exact same standards as the OEM manufacturers while some competitors only flow test and clean the outside of your dispense valves and label them as "remanufactured". Regardless of apparent outside condition all dispense valves we remanufacture are disassembled and inspected, then they are 100% rebuilt with all new O-rings and seals. Finally they are pressure tested, leak tested and flow tested. Any damaged or substandard parts are replaced during the rebuild / test process. Our final step is to pre-set the mix valves and sanitize before shipping your remanufactured soda valves out to you.

Mark Powers & Co., Inc. can remanufacture all major makes and models of beverage equipment valves. In addition we try to keep some refurbished equipment on the shelf ready to ship today and we would be happy to give you credit your rebuildable soda valve or valves once your cores are received by us. One valve or one hundred valves, we can support your soda valve remanufacturing needs.

Note: We can not ship pre-brixed soda valves. All soda valves will need to be adjusted or brixed after they are installed on your machine. This is just as true for our remanufactured valve as it is for a new valve from the OEM.

How can I tell if one or more of my dispense valves needs rebuilt or replaced?

  No dispense and no "click" coming from the valve while trying to dispense but other valves in the dispenser work fine.
Water or syrup drips from the valve after dispensing a soda.
Valve is slow to turn off after dispensing a soda
Valve sometimes sticks & stays on a short time after dispensing a soda
Valve stutters (rapidly turns off & on) when starting to dispense a soda
Valve makes a loud hum or buzzing sound while dispensing a soda
Flavor / brix needs adjusted more often than used to or more often than other dispense valves in the same machine
Water dripping from behind the valve

System Maintenance

Soda dispense valves are designed to give years of trouble free service with just basic maintenance and cleaning. But most owners don't undersand or were never told the basic maintenance requirements for these valves and it shows in the condition of products we receive from customers to refurb. We've listed a set of general guidelines below - for model specific instructions, please refer to your user manual or service manual.


Remove the nozzle and diffuser and rinse well in warm water then reinstall.
Note: Do not use soap or detergent - even a very small amount will cause off flavors and/or foaming.
If installed, remove the cup rest and wash with warm soapy water.
Pour warm soapy water in the drip tray and wipe out with a clean cloth.


Taste each product for off tastes and/or carbonation (brix) differences.
Adjust the ratio and brix if necessary. But only adjust the dispense valve yourself if you have a brix cup, a syrup separater and a very good understanding of how the system works.
Adjusting a dispense head without the proper tools or knowledge WILL CAUSE off flavors & incorrect carbonation and WILL CAUSE unhappy customers. Even very subtle flavor differences in brand name sodas are picked up right away by the public!
If your fountain has a ice / water bath, remove the top cover and check the water level - adjust as necessary.


Unplug or turn off the unit and use a soft brush to remove any accumulated dirt from the condenser coil.

Every 6 Months or Yearly

If your fountain has a ice / water bath, clean the water bath interior including the inner evaporator coils and refrigeration components.
Sanitize the syrup lines, following the owners manual or service manual directions.

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