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Why Filter My Water?

Water FilterWater is the most important natural resource in our lives. 60 - 70 percent of our bodies are made of water. Water is the basic ingredient in our blood, sweat, tears and urine. Fluid bathes over 100 Trillion cells in an adult body. Each day we exhale an average of 1/3 of a quart of water, loose an additional one pint through over 2 million sweat glands and excrete an additional 1.5 quarts of water. And all of this water must be replaced or we will feel thirsty or become faint. Loose 5 percent of our water volume and we will start to hallucinate and 15 percent usually brings about death. Most people can not survive more than 5 days without water.

By now it should be obvious that the purity of your drinking water is a vital concern. And although your Municipal water supply does an excellent job of providing clean drinkable water, they often fall short when it comes to dissolved chemicals, minerals and even carcinogens. But the fault does not lie with your Municipal water supply - the issue is that water is the worlds best solvent. More chemical compounds can be readily dissolved into water than into any other solvent known to man and your Municipal water supply does not possess the technology needed to filter out all of these dissolved compounds. Fortunately, you can filter up to 99% with the correct water filter technology.

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Some facts to consider

Each and every year we put over 800 billion gallons of leachate from septic tanks and cesspools into the ground.

In addition, we dump millions of gallons of raw sewage into our lakes and rivers every year.

Older underground gasoline tanks continue to leak gasoline into the ground and existing contamination will continue to spread from sites that have been reclaimed.

The chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies inject liquid wastes into deep wells or store these chemicals in lagoons and evaporation pits. Some of these chemicals seep into our ground water supplies.

Some of the ammonia fertilizer we use on our crops seeps into the ground water supply where it breaks down into nitrites & then nitrates. Nitrates limit our bodies ability to absorb oxygen from the air.

There are over 30,000 potentially hazardous waste sites across America and many of them are leaking dangerous chemicals into our water supply.

Carbon tetrachloride (a cleaning fluid) has been found in many municipal water supplies. This chemical compound has been known to cause kidney failure, hear failure, cirrhosis of the liver and blood enzyme changes.

Cancer causing toxins and organic chemicals enter our surface water supplies through accidental spills, run-off and water treatment. Many of these chemical compounds are produced synthetically and they decompose in our water supply.

Over 30,000 pestacides and herbicides from over 800 chemical compounds are manufactured and used in the United Sates. The residue from these pestacides and herbicides runs off and finds its way into the ground, lake and river water supplies.

Your municipal water supply is powerless against all of these contaminants. The best they can do is to filter your water through a sand filter (similar to a swimming pool sand filter) and then chlorinate to kill any bacteria based pathogens. The rest is left up to you.

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How clean does my water need to be?

Or better yet, how clean do you want your water to be? Order a water analysis report from your Municipal water supply and then use the internet to look up the contaminants listed in the report. Then install a water filter or filters that are targeted to the contaminants in your drinking water. Boiling will not work because boiling your water will not remove most chemicals that are absorbed in the water. And chlorination does nothing more than kill any bacteria based pathogens that may be in the water.

How about Bottled Water?

In some cases, bottled water is nothing more than someone else's Municipal water supply. In other cases, bottled water is from a ground water source such as a natural spring. Bottled water is often no better and sometimes worse than water from your own kitchen faucet. Water "bottled at the source" is nothing more than water that is bottled at the spring as opposed to being carried to a bottling facility by a tanker truck.

Are water filter pitchers any good?

There is fundamentally nothing wrong with a water filter pitcher other than it's a really impractical solution. At most, a water filter pitcher will filter 2 quarts of water at a time and the water is not ready for immediate consumption. You have to wait some period of time for the activated carbon filter to absorb impurities from the pitcher of water. In other words, a water filtering pitcher is not an on demand system.

The right solution is a in-line water filter that can deliver a endless supply of drinking water and cooking water on demand.

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